photo courtesy of Susan Lichtenwalter

photo courtesy of Susan Lichtenwalter

One of the things I love most about Texas is that it is vast and diverse. From the dark skies of the west Texas plains, the bright lights of its cities, world-famous monuments, little-known state parks, coastal sanctuaries, delicate wildlife, and those hidden gems only the locals know, Texas has it all.

As a photographer, I strive to showcase Texas’ rich and varied landscape to inspire others to explore this beautiful state. I'm hard-pressed to name one place that I like to photograph, but my favorite time of year is spring when the wildflowers bloom and blanket our backroads and highways with color. Whenever I share a photograph of Texas, I'm letting people know a little bit more about me and this wonderful place I am proud to call home.

What I love about photography is the doors that it has opened for me. With my camera, I have made friends all over the world. Photography is a conversation, a creative outlet, a way for me to speak with people that I may not normally have thought to approach. Travel satisfies my curiosity about other places and people while offering experiences that you cannot fully appreciate unless you allow yourself to indulge in the local cuisine, stand in awe of an iconic landmark, get lost with a map in your hand, or share a bag of M&M’s with a child that doesn’t speak English.

Nothing changes perspectives or broadens horizons more than seeing something for yourself. I want my images to inspire curiosity about where I live and the places that I have chosen to visit and I believe an open lens is a great way to start.

I’m glad that you are here and if I can answer any questions, please get in touch.